I've been drawing ever since my mom taught me to doodle a dog at 7 years old. Since then I've grown and evolved many times over as an artist, but I purposefully avoided calling myself one and refused to pursue a living as one.

In 2021 all that changed.

What happened? I gave birth to our daughter. A squishy bundle of light and clarity, I was shown that I needed to consider less traditional incomes. More specifically, to consider the one income that I'd purposefully avoided since high school – painting.

But even my painting has changed! Every piece now serves a purpose. They have hidden and/or blatant messages of love, life, and beauty to be declared over yourself and over your home, office, friends and family!

Out of deepest gratitude, I offer a 70% off thankyou coupon after your purchase so that you can gift a declaration of love and life over your friends' homes too!

I hope you enjoy your time in my shop.

- Shaelah

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